Top 10 Animated Pet movies to watch!

Team Stepevoli

Posted on March 30 2023

Top 10 Animated Pet movies to watch!

If you and your kids love getting together for a good pet-movie here are some of the best animated ones we can think of! These are great movies for both kids and adults who can’t get enough of seeing pets on screen! Have more movie suggestions? Get in touch with us via social media and let us know! 

Our previous blog covered the live action ones so now it’s time for the top 10 best pet animated movies ever! 

  1. 101 Dalmatians: A classic story and one of Disney’s finest where two dalmatians are on a mission to find their stolen puppies. The movie revolves around the dogs’ family, 99 puppies and a crazy villain looking to get her hands on the spotted pups. FUN FACT: There is also a live action version and 102 Dalmatians in case you want more!
  2. Puss in Boots: Based on the character Puss from Shrek this fast paced action movie is all about a cat trying to get his hands on some golden treasure. He makes some unlikely friends and enemies on his way to get rich in a tale that revolves around the life of cats.
  3. White Fang: A dog who finds his way into a dog-fighting ring in Alaska soon gets rescued by his new master. Half dog and Half wolf - White fang was always feared as an aggressive beast and never had a loving home. His new owner seems to understand him and allows him to get in touch with his wolf-side. 
  4. Fox and the Hound: A heartwarming story of a fox and a hunting dog who grow up as neighbors and become the best of friends. Unfortunately their owners and life itself has other plans for the unlikely friends as they get older and find their place in the world. 
  5. Aristocats: Duchess a gorgeous and loved white persian cat and her 3 kittens live in a rich manor where they get to grow up loved and safe. When Duchess and her kittens find themselves in the cold rain and far from home after getting kidnapped they take the help of a fun male tabby cat to find their way back home!
  6. Lady and the Tramp: A must watch movie for all ages! This one captures the difference of life between a young sheltered pet and a street dog who grows up near the railroad tracks. A bond between the lovely cocker spaniel - Lady and her new dog friend - the Tramp blossoms as they show each other their worlds. 
  7. Secret Life of Pets: Ever wonder what your pets do when you aren’t home or the relationship they have with each other behind your back? This comedic movie shows us the life of pets - dogs, cats , bunnies and everything else when their owners aren’t around and the things they get up to! 
  8. Bolt: A young dog movie star somehow gets lost in the real world. Starring as a super-dog in his own TV show, poor Bolt doesn’t know why his powers don’t work in the real world as he goes on a mission to find his owner - Penny. He picks up two companions along the way who show him the perks of being a pet! 
  9. Rio: A new-age adventure packed movie in two parts this movie stars the blue spix’s macaw. Blue - a blue macaw goes on an adventure to Rio to meet a girl! Jewel turns out to be nothing like he expected and they go on a thrilling adventure together with their bird crew! 
  10. Over the Hedge: A funny movie where the local woodland animals make a truce with the pets of the area to collect food for the winter and dodge humans! A team of friends from the forest get led astray by a racoon who has a secret plan for all the snacks they collected ! 

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