10 Things to Remember Before Bringing Home a Pet

Team Stepevoli

Posted on April 27 2023

10 Things to Remember Before Bringing Home a Pet

Wondering what life is like with a pet in it? Not sure if it will be easy or tough? Well, we promise this blog will help guide you through it and give you an idea of what all pet parents go through. Most importantly, it will address any misconceptions surrounding owning a pet and what it really means to be a good pet owner. Remember, pets are part of the family and need care and attention to become well-adjusted members. However much care is given to them in the early months, they will undoubtedly return it one day!

  1. Remember that your pet has its own personality. You need to be open-minded and attentive to understand their behavior and fears. All pets, even of the same breed, are never alike, and you need to be welcoming and adjust yourself to your pet as well.
  2. All pets need stimulation and exercise. With smaller pets like rabbits, hamsters, and cats, it is easier to fulfill these requirements, but dogs need large amounts of indoor and outdoor time to be healthy and happy.
  3. Make sure your home or apartment is pet-friendly. Pets need balconies, terraces, and elevator access. If your pet is naturally noisy, make sure your neighbors also love pets!
  4. Pets reflect the mental and emotional state of their environment and owners. Pets in unhappy or unstable environments, especially when neglected, can develop many behavioral problems. These can vary in degree and become anxiety or aggression.
  5. Choose a pet based on your commitment level. All pets have varying needs and budgets. Choose a pet that fits your lifestyle and commitment time. Remember, bringing a pet home is a lifelong commitment on their part, and you need to prepare for their happiness until their last day.
  6. Pets help develop empathy. For kids, elders, and people going through a hard time mentally or emotionally, pets help fill a space occupied by grief. They are constant companions who can even be strong emotional support or a good release for negative emotions. Kids who have pets learn empathy, kindness, and responsibility and form deep strong connections with animals and peers.
  7. Having pets always means expenditure. They have needs like food, water, shelter, and more that they will require lifelong. The hidden expenses to consider are beds, medication bills, litter, toys, treats, training, and more.
  8. Almost all pets need some house training. They need to feel safe and understood in their environment. The only way this can happen is to have a routine and know the body language of your pet. For dogs and cats, basic training, such as responding to their name, is essential for all pet parents to implement early on.
  9. There are going to be people, family, or guests who are scared or pass negative comments about your pet. Every pet parent goes through this, and it is important to remember not to be discouraged by it or return the negativity. These people simply do not understand what it is to be loved by a pet.
  10. There are going to be downs for sure. There will be instances where you feel frustrated or overwhelmed. This can happen due to the barking, the toilet training, the shedding, the paw prints, or the chewed-up furniture. All pets can be trained and de-sensitized to behaving in these ways and just need time and care.

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