How to find the right people to adopt a pet

How to find the right people to adopt a pet

Have you ever had the trouble of putting a puppy up for adoption? Or found a whole bunch of stray kittens and don’t know what to do next? Do not panic this blog covers many of the ways in which you can start looking for a happy and safe home for an abandoned pet or one of your own grand-pets! 

Often people do not get involved in rescue work or help a stray injured animal because they do not know what to do next. We have tried to cover the many ways in which you can seek help and find more animal lovers to help you along the journey of rehoming an animal. The first thing we should be aware of is that not everyone who is interested in the pet is interested for the right reason. Between breeders and completely unaware first-timers, finding a good home can be a difficult process but here are some steps to guide you.

Effort and Time: There is no better way to say it but you have to dedicate yourself to finding good pet parents, which can take a few days if you are lucky or a few months. It is a process that involves you and the right choice for the animal. If you feel like it is too much for you to take care of an animal while simultaneously searching for a new home for them you can look at rescue shelters and boarding, covered later in this article.

Poster or a Notice at the nearby vet: The best place to find animal lovers and people who live in your city is to visit the nearby Vet Clinic. A place where pet parents are constantly active and would be happy to help or guide you in finding an appropriate home. Not only may you find a good home for the pet but you will also be able to connect with pet parents who have gone through similar experiences.

Apartment or community groups: Oftentimes we forget the power of social media when it comes to using it for something like adoption. Family and Community Whatsapp groups will help you connect with people near you who can help you at short notice and find people within the neighbourhood to adopt. This helps you also verify the background of the potential pet parents you are meeting. Background checking the people you are giving the animal away too is crucial to ensure that they are equipped to care for the pet for the rest of its life.

Facebook Groups: Facebook has become one of the most active rescue and adoption platforms this lockdown, with several Indian and local groups who are enthusiastically involved in helping the pet community. From groups such as Pet Parents India, Canine Central, Indian Animal Forum  which cover the country to groups that are locally active in every city such as Cubbon Park Canines and Pet Parents, Bangalore in Bangalore, Bombat Dawgz in Bombay and Pet Adoption and Fostering in Chennai. These groups will connect you to a huge population of pet lovers you can reach out with questions and adoption appeals to.

Animal rescue centers and NGOs in your city: Every city has several animal rescue and rehabilitation centers. There are also several dog shelters and NGOs working tirelessly to have pups find their forever home. Like Second Chance Adoption Center in Bangalore, Besant Memorial in Chennai, Adopted Dogs of India in Bombay you will be able to locate a shelter that is best suited to your needs. Let us remember however that these shelters work day and night trying to rehome animals so just dumping the animal on them and giving them the responsibility of finding owners is unfair. We must try and support them as well as take their help and resources to find a perfect home for the pet. 

Foster or boarding care: This is a good solution for people who are absolutely unable to keep the pet in their home or have the expertise to take care of a pet full-time while looking for a new home for them. You can approach foster care units in your city or boarding shelters where you can pay and leave the pet in their care for the duration. Often these centers will also provide basic training and socialisation of the animal and will take care of things such as baths and meals. Remember finding a good place to board the animal is also important so make sure to check their reviews and facility beforehand. This is for people who would like to make a difference but also have too busy a schedule to truly raise a pet-in-need.  


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