DIY Pet memories

Team Stepevoli

Posted on February 10 2021

DIY Pet memories

As pet parents we all know how quickly our little ones grow up and before we know it they are big strong adults. We also know how many moments of pure happiness pass us by! So we thought we would share some ideas that will help you document your pet’s life.

Here are some cute and simple DIY ideas you can try at home with your pet this Valentine’s Day and make it a permanent memory! 

Paw Paperweight: This is a really simple way to keep a part of your pet forever in your heart. Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit or bird you’ll be able to do this neat trick. The first step is to take a measurement of the height and length of your pet’s paw. Then roll a ball of clay into a sphere and flatten it slightly till it is slightly bigger than the measured size. Do ensure this is natural clay and not harmful and toxic to your pet. If you don’t have access to clay that's okay - we have another solution for you. Mix one cup of flour with a cup of salt and add water till you can roll it into a ball and it is kneedable. Now carefully take an impression of your pet’s paw onto the clay or dough right in the center! Carefully place the piece into the oven and bake it at 200F for about 1-2 hrs. Don’t forget to keep checking on it, we don’t want it to start cracking! Leave it to cool and there you have it a great and personal pet paperweight! 

Stepevoli DIY Pet memories blog

Pet Prints: These are perfect to be framed or turned into postcards for the holidays! Again you have to be careful of our pet’s health and only buy organic, non-toxic or body paint. Carefully paint your pet’s paw with a brush with a thin layer of paint. Now stamp it on any paper, canvas or postcard for the cutest print! Use water and wipes to remove all the paint from their paw and nails and leave their masterpiece under the fan or in the sun to dry!

Paw Scans: This activity is perfect for dog and cat owners who want a digital print with their pet! Just place your scanner on the floor and put your hands alongside your pets paws as they sit up. Keep both your hands on the scanner till done and then start sending your pet scan out! 

Stepevoli DIY Pet memories blog

Artwork: Place a small canvas on the floor and drop some paint colours on it. Then seal it carefully within a zip-lock or a cellophane wrap so there are no gaps or holes where the paint could leak from. You have to ensure that there is absolutely no way that the paint will come in contact with your pet for this next step. Place a little peanut butter in the center and a couple of drops all around the edges of the canvas. Let your pet lick the peanut butter of the wrap and see the designs they make with their tongue! Please note that if the product gets into your pet’s system the consequences could be severe so do ensure the canvas is fully sealed! You are left with the perfect pet artwork created by your very own pet pal!  

Of course the easiest option to keep your pet close is to buy from our pet-printed collection dedicated to pet parents and lovers! We have Tees, Hoodies, Coasters and even Stationery to cherish all the animal species we share our homes with. This is a dream come true for all of you who own cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, fish and any other new member of the family. 

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