Cats love Fetch too!

Stepevoli Cats love Fetch too!

Dogs often have a reputation for being more playful and energetic than their feline counterparts, but cats enjoy playtime, too, especially when they are kittens. If you've always wanted to bring out your pet's playful side, but unsure of what to do about it you're in luck. This blog includes exciting, interactive activities for cats with different personalities and calls for supplies that you probably already have at home, so you can go easy on the pockets! Plus, all of these options can be set up in a mansion, a small apartment, or even your balcony or basement. Although these games are meant to entertain your kitties, you'll also be strengthening the bond between you and your pet.


Contrary to popular belief, fetch is not just for dogs. Games like fetch bring out your cat's instinct to catch prey. The thrill of the chase stimulates them to catch the toy and they can be trained like dogs, to return the item. Remember to use a toy that rolls or is light so that your cat can easily pick it up, because they don’t have as big a mouth as dogs! Ball toys simulate the quick, unexpected movements of prey which makes the game all the more interesting. Put a bell inside to get your cat's attention, and roll or toss the ball so that she can see and chase it. You'll be surprised to see that your feline friend will often bring the toy back to you. Reinforce this behaviour with petting and praise or treats.

Catch the Prey 

This game is perfect for cats with a lot of energy. You will need a stick or rod, a bit of string and something to act as “Prey”. This could be a small stuffed toy, a feather or a piece of cloth or ribbon. Wave the wand above your kitty's head and entice them to jump up and catch the flying object. Mix things up by pulling the wand slowly away from your cat's view and watch as they pounce at it around corners and under furniture. Make sure to choose an open room with lots of space to bounce around as they will be flying around the room. By dragging a toy across the ground on a string, pausing periodically like an animal might, you're encouraging your cat to stalk and pounce like she would in the wild. This will increase her speed and agility and stimulate her hunting instincts which acts as a good mental stimulation activity for cats living indoors. It's also recommended to keep the toy hidden until playtime in order to keep her interested in it.

Interactive Puzzle

For this game, you'll need an old shoebox, your cat's favorite toys, and a few treats. Use a craft knife to cut a variety of different-size holes into the shoebox. Next, fill the shoebox with cat toys, catnip, and treats. Close the box, using a small piece of tape to secure the lid. Finally, put the box on the ground next to your cat and watch as they go crazy trying to get at what’s inside. You can also cut circles out of the lid of a box and whack-the-mole style play a game with your cat by popping your fingers in and out of the holes and see if they can keep up with you.

Paper Playtime

Most cats go crazy around the sound of paper being crushed. They absolutely love the noise of paper bags or old newspapers being crumpled. Just crush a piece of paper into a ball that can be rolled across the floor or stalked from a distance.  Cats love to chase after the ball almost as much as they love the sound crumpled paper makes on the floor. Some cats even like to crawl into paper bags like a tunnel and wait for your scratches and pokes to attack them from the outside.

Tablet Games

Here’s an unusual one for all you people with tablets and a cat! Many cats are both amused and confused by screens. By using moving patterns or animals they can be occupied for hours on end just with a screen. Here are a couple of games or apps you can download and try with your cat- 

  1. Games for Cats: This game has three options of a laser light, a mouse or a butterfly that will fly around the screen intriguing your feline friend. This app is even free for ipad users!
  2. Paint for Cats: your cat can become the next picasso by using different colours on this app and move their paws around the screen to make a masterpiece painting! 
  3. Friskies Jitterbug: yes it’s a bunch of creepy crawlies crawling all over the screen which will completely amuse your cat for ours. Even if they can’t play the game by hitting the bugs, in endless mode they can externally stare at bugs. 
  4. Friskies Fishing : Not much of a bug person? Don’t worry, maybe you own a fishing cat! Let’s see how many fish your cat catches maybe more than you ever have?
Food games

Though we do not encourage playing with your food with human babies, both cats and kittens have a ball with this one! Puzzle feeders and food distributor balls are toys that incorporate your cat's food into an in-built compartment. By rolling or pouncing on the toy, your cat can release a few pieces of kibble at a time. These puzzles stimulate your cat's desire to hunt and work for their  food. 


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