Diwali for Doggos!

Diwali for Doggos!

As Diwali nears, festivity fills the air and streets of India. But one thing we often forget is how our pets and streeties get through the festival. The noise of fireworks frightens animals, who panic – and sometimes even flee from their homes in search of a quiet spot. Here are some things you can do to ensure your family has a pet-friendly Diwali this 2022. 

  • Keep your pets indoors and doors and windows closed. 
  • Stay with your pets in the same room so they feel secure.
  • Turn on common noise-breakers, especially if you are next to firework displays - Fans, radios, TVs.
  • Feed and walk your pets before the festivities. Dogs can often be startled when outdoors and run away during walks. 
  • Do not store any fireworks near the reach of your pet and watch over the candles and diya’s when lit. 
  • Decorate with lights, sweets, flowers and e-candles and diyas for a more pet friendly Diwali with minimal noise and smoke
  • Make sure your pet is wearing a collar and identification tag with your details in case they do decide to bolt and manage to escape. 
  • We know many of you love and feed your street dogs everyday and here are some ways you can help them out too on this day! 
  • Leave your driveway/ garage door open and place some cardboard boxes/ beds for the streeties to find a place away from the road and firecrackers.
  • Set out food and water so they don’t need to roam around and into celebration zones.
  • Ask your neighbours and security to keep a lookout for people throwing fireworks on animals and report them. 
  • Keep an eye out for another lost pet who may be caught in the commotion and secure them with you until they can reunite with their owners!

Have a safe and happy Diwali everyone and don’t forget to make it a happy and joyous occasion for your pets too!


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