What cooked food can your cat eat?

What cooked food can your cat eat?

Though we know cats love the store bought treats you buy them you can also try these home cooked foods to supplement their meal and bring down your meal budgets. Remember changing diets will take time so it is better to start them off with fresh food as kittens so their stomach and taste adjusts quickly. 

  • Meat: Cats are mostly meat eaters and need a steady meat diet to ensure they grow at a healthy pace. Cooked beef, chicken, turkey, and fish are all good for your cat! Canned or cooked fish is good too, just not raw or old fish. Remember not to add masalas and to remove small bones!
  • Eggs: You can give your cats eggs cooked in different ways just minus the oil and salt you usually add. Remember that raw eggs sometimes carry salmonella or E. coli.
  • Cheese: Can be given in small amounts either fresh or as a processed cheese slice. Cheese is rich in protein and calcium. 
  • Fruits: Bananas, apples, blueberries, strawberries, seedless watermelon all cut into tiny pieces could be accepted by your cat as part of their diet. Remember to avoid citrus fruits, grapes and onions. Give fruits in minimal amounts due to the high sugar content. 
  • Vegetables: As for vegetables, cats are safe to eat Pumpkin, carrots and peas. Though all cats may not accept the veggies as easily as taking a meat treat so it is better to start them young!
  • Oatmeal and Rice: Though cats don’t need these as part of their diet they will accept steamed rice and oatmeal as a base for their meal. 

Cats get much of their nutrition from commercial packaged cat food, specially formulated to provide everything they need. Cats have very particular requirements from their diet, and are mostly carnivorous  by nature . Your cat needs a diet of at least 70% meat in order to stay healthy but the rest 30% can consist of any of the above!


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