Tips To Keep In Mind When Traveling With Pets

Tips To Keep In Mind When Traveling With Pets

If you are bringing your pets to your most awaited trip of the year, it can be quite exciting! But, it can be stressful as well, since your little bundle of joy might be traveling for the first time.

It is important that you take the right measures and avoid common mistakes while traveling. 

Tips To Keep In Mind

  • First, you have to be sure whether pets are allowed to travel to your destination.

  • Use a pet collar and ID tags that can help you identify your pet in case it is lost. Make sure to have updated contact information on the ID tag.

  • Always carry a photo of your pet. It's a good idea to click a photo just before the departure so you have the latest photo with you.

  • Use a carrier if you are traveling by car.

  • Keep the health certificate of your pet with you while traveling. If traveling by air, get most information from the air travel guidelines so you know what to expect.

  • If your pet is going to be in the cargo bay, you have to be careful of the weather. As much as possible, try to take a direct flight when traveling with the pets - last thing you want is being stressed because of a delayed flight.

  • After reaching your destination, show your pet to a vet as soon as possible.

  • Invest in a pet crate of the right size.
  • No matter what, never leave your pet alone in the car unattended.

  • When traveling by car, make sure you are taking enough breaks to let your pet take regular walks.

  • Carry enough food and water in the car for your pet. There is no harm is carrying a little extra, just in case.

  • Find hotels that are pet-friendly. While staying in the hotel, make sure you are keeping your pet clean.

  • If you plan to leave your pet alone for some time in the hotel room, be sure to put the 'do not disturb' sign on the door so that the hotel employees are not frightened.

  • Before flying or traveling by car make sure you have permission from the vet. Also, carry the necessary documentation before traveling.

Keep the above tips in mind, and good luck with your trip!

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