Talking To Your Dogs Might Not Be A Dream Anymore

Talking To Your Dogs Might Not Be A Dream Anymore

Have you ever wondered what your pets are trying to say to you? Despite having knowledge, a sense of language, and the ability to understand a lot of things, it might be quite tough to understand what your dogs want?

But, wait! What if it is not a dream anymore and you can actually talk or understand your pets?

AI Technology

The answer to your thought is AI Technology. Technological advancement is bringing a variety of changes in the life of modern people. The world has advanced to such an extent that with the help of modern research, it is possible to converse with your dogs but to a certain extent!

Understanding Language of Your Dogs or Other Pets

AI had been of great help in the past since it assisted in decoding of the ancient languages. Now scientists are hopeful by studying facial expressions of the animals plus their vocalizations and give it meaning so that some form of language would be available for humans to understand! Let’s see what happens.

In 2002, the satirical Ig Nobel Prize was awarded to a Japanese novelty item. It was based on a similar research! Who knows what the coming decades would bring! There could be a possibility of humans understanding the language of animals through different devices.

Inupathy, a Japanese company, unveiled a device at Consumers Electronics Show 2020, that enables the owners of dogs to understand the health and emotions of the pets! The dog owner can understand the mood of their pet via red and green color that indicates whether the dog is under stress or relaxed. It is possible to see the data on the LED screen of the device.

AI translation technology is a ray of hope for various dog owners since it gives an idea of a conversation between the pet owner and the pet! How interesting would that be! AI is able to give suggestions to us humans while we are typing an important email or finding relevant information. Who knows it can grasp the thought process of the animals as well!

Importance Of Decoding Animal Language

Now, you might be wondering why is it important to decode the language of your pet! Maybe you can understand what it is trying to say by just looking at your dog. However, consider the following:

  • It can play a vital role in protecting the population of animals.
  • It can help in identifying whether an animal is getting sick so it would be possible for a farmer to give the relevant medication in advance.

For example, there had been some research performed by scientists at the University of Cambridge that study the estimation of sheep pain level! To do so, they used facial action unit detection. Technological advancement is thus, changing human life in a certain way!

Dr. Constantine Slobodchikoff is playing a vital role when it comes to decoding animal language. He had been studying the way of communication of dogs for 30 years. However, the model species for his study had been prairie dogs. In 2018, a company by the name of Zoolingua was created with the objective to improve the relationship between pet owners and pets.

Gavagai AB is another company that is working further on understanding the language of Dolphins with the help of AI and Cetacean Hearing and Telemetry.
One day you might be able to get a clear idea of what your pet had been trying to say to you! But, until then go with your gut feeling.

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