Summertime Treats!

Summertime Treats!

Have a dog who is super greedy for treats and just keeps on putting on weight? Do not worry! The treats we are going to be talking about are healthy, natural and will help your dog cool down in the summer heat. Often in India, temperatures can go up to 50 degrees in the summers and our furry friends, especially pure breeds, feel super sweaty! Usually dogs choose to settle on the cool floors under a fan or AC, and these treats will be perfect for when they are back from that walk in the heat! 

These treats are softer than ice cubes so elderly dogs can also have a go at them.  They turn out like popsicles rather than being completely frozen and brittle, and have some crunch, but they’re not as hard to bite into as ice cubes.

We are going to be making the treats with watermelon! It contains lots of vitamins and fiber, and since it's 92% water it’s low in calories. You can also use carrots, bananas, apples or mangoes! 

Just remember, as with any treats, moderation is key. Although watermelon is low in calories it shouldn’t be overdone on a daily basis, and introducing your dog to new food can cause stomach issues.

All you need:

  1. A fruit - Seedless
  2. A blender
  3. An Ice-tray and Freezer 

Remember to peel, wash and remove the seeds of any fruit you choose as if blended could cause problems with your pet’s digestion or could choke them. 

One quarter of a seedless watermelon  would give you about 3 cups worth. You can use more or less depending on how many treats you want. A quarter of a watermelon will fill two ice cube trays, making around 28 individual treats!


  • Chop up into cubes.
  • Blend cubes into smoothie consistency
  • Empty onto ice cube tray
  • Freeze for 2-3hrs
  • Pop them out of the mold into your dog’s waiting mouth! 

These frozen goodies will help cool down your buddy and you can go ahead and make some for yourself too!


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