Hotel For Dogs

Hotel For Dogs

Are you based in Bangalore or Chennai and are looking for a safe space to leave your baby when you travel? Or perhaps you are just looking for a place to go on a doggie date! 

Look no further because Hotel for Dogs gives you both these options! They have shelters in both cities where they offer the finest boarding facility for dogs - which includes air conditioned kennels for the furry ones, separate smaller enclosures for the shy ones, and lots of space to run and play for all doggie customers. They even have a pool where you can sign your pooch up for swimming sessions to beat the heat! 

Services they offer:

BOARDING - They offer the finest dog boarding facilities which includes kennels which are sound proofed and air-conditioned for your pooch to have a comfortable stay.

SWIMMING - Swimming pool is available for all its in-house guests. Swimming services are offered to walk-in customers as well! They use organic natural water cleansers to ensure it doesn't affect the coat or skin of the dogs.

SOCIALISATION - Its specially designed compound allows the dogs to run freely during play time and make friends with the other guests. They also have smaller enclosures for small or shy doggos. Socialisation sessions are offered in blocks of 2 hours - in the morning between 6 - 9am & in the evening between 4 - 6:30pm.

Here is a small note from the Founder:

“It all started when we wanted to go as a family for a holiday. We looked at a few kennels recommended to leave our dog Buddy, a great dane and were shocked at what we saw. Dark, dingy cramped and damp cages in one, pets let loose or tied in open terraces where the only shade was under the overhead tank. The more so-called kennels we visited the more disillusioned we became and finally were forced to cancel our holiday. That's when we decided to start a kennel which would care for your pets with a few comforts and luxuries thrown in. Hotel for Dogs took shape and now owners can leave their pets assured that their pets will be under good care and would enjoy their stay.”

Stepevoli - Hotel for Dogs


They have it all covered when you travel, packed with CCTV monitored kennels, on-call doctor, varying meal plans, and a pick-up and drop facility to make the whole process much easier. 

They also have around 10 residential rescues at their centers who have made it their home after being rescued from the streets or abandoned. They contribute part of their profits to Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary in Chennai dedicated to helping injured and abandoned animals of all kinds and re-homing them. Your pet’s stay at Hotel For Dogs will help send another lost pet to its forever home! 

They have also started helping with adoptions and finding you a pup in these cities if you are looking to adopt one! You can find it all out on their website:

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