Beat the Heat!

Beat the Heat!

With summer approaching and promising to be a hot one there are some things you can do to ensure your pet is settled and well. Here are some important things to remember so that you and your pet can have a great summer together and not worry about the humidity outside!

  • Hydrate: With the heat on the rise always ensure your dog has a fresh and cool water source. You can add water and curd to their meals as well to help them stay hydrated.
  • Exercise: Change your walk and exercise routine to early morning or late evenings. The daytime heat can lead to exhaustion and heat strokes. Do not leave your dog tied up outside in the sun!
  • Do not leave dogs in cars! Especially in the summer months, vehicles trap heat inside them and will be an oven for your pet inside. Do not leave pets unattended in the heat or in an enclosed space with no ventilation or AC.
  • Bedding: Remove fleece or woolens from their beds. They would prefer a simple mat or the cold of the floor to lie on.
  • You can hose them down or get a doggy pool or tub for the dogs who like the water! They will have a blast and get rid of dirt on them.
  • Avoid the Sun! While the sun may be bearable to you it could cause health issues for your dogs. Do not expose them to intense sunlight for more than an hour, or leave them on the terrace or balcony for too long. Before walking, hold your hand to the ground for 5-10secs. If you can comfortably do this, the ground is ok for your pet. If you are unable to do this the ground is way too hot to walk your pet on and you will be burning their paw pads. Avoid asphalt and sand as they tend to heat up during the day.
  • For furry breeds please consider trimming their coat. Yes they may look slightly different but they are much cooler and more comfortable. The thick fur also plays host to bacteria and parasites in the hot months and should be groomed regularly.
  • Behaviour changes and mood swings: Like us the heat can make dogs and cats cranky. They might not want to cuddle or be picked up and it is ideal to give them space and let them approach you when they want too.
  • Heat Strokes: This can happen often to heavy dogs or dark colored dogs in the heat. The signs for this are exhaustion, foaming at the mouth, collapsing and extreme panting. If your dog seems distressed in the heat immediately cool them down with cold wet towels or contact your vet!

You now also get dog friendly ice creams and custards to help your dog beat the heat with you! You can get your buddy a healthy and sugar free option while you kick it back with a sundae. These tips will ensure your entire family has a great summer! 


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