Are fish easy pets?

Are fish easy pets?

It's important to remember that getting and maintaining an aquarium can take some work, but some fish are much easier to start out with than other pets like dogs and cats.

Fish have the same basic needs as other animals but they are dependent on the owners to provide everything they need to live happily and healthily. 

Fun Fact: Fish don’t have stomachs, so they never know when it’s time to stop eating. When feeding your fish, only feed it as much as it will eat in 2-3 minutes twice or thrice everyday. The quantity and amount also depends on the fish you have selected. Some kinds of fish, like goldfish, should only be fed for a minute a day, while higher maintenance breeds might need more. Overfeeding is one of the most common causes of sickness and fish deaths. 

Fish are low maintenance pets for many reasons when compared to dogs, cats or birds. Since they live in aquatic environments they don’t need walks or develop separation anxiety or destructive behaviours when you leave them alone at home. They can be a very good starting pet for kids looking to learn more about animal care.  In general, owning a pet has been linked to positive mental health benefits for the whole family! 

Your fish need will need: 

  • A balanced diet
  • Clean water
  • Appropriate tank lighting and decor
  • A proper water filtration system
  • Balanced pH levels
  • AND Supervision! 

Though many of the needs can be met remotely or through technology, fish do need someone to watch out for signs of sickness or contamination in the tank. You get automatic fish feeders and tank cleaners which will function even when you are away!

If you’re a beginner fish owner, a goldfish is the easiest fish to start with and you can keep introducing more fish to your tank. Remember to be mindful of the kind of fishes you are putting together and what their prime living conditions need to be. Once you understand how to take care of fish you can always upgrade your tank to accommodate more. 

Here are some of the easiest fish as pets: 

  • Goldfish
  • Guppies
  • Zebra Danios
  • Bushynose Plecos 
  • Neon Tetras
  • Bloodfin Tetras
  • Betta Fish
  • Danios
  • Black Molly
  • Angelfish

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