Camp Out With Your Pet (Bangalore)


Our personal review: This property is a perfect match for pet parents who love the camping experience. This is a true to its word camp-it-out experience with views and walking trails that are scenic and perfect to spend the day being outdoors and experiencing nature. 



Area: Nayakanahallli, Karnataka

Drive time: Maps indicate about 2.5hr drive from Bangalore city center. It takes about 3hrs with the windows down for the doggos and a pee break on the way. The roads are fully built and the property is just at the side of the main road so all cars will make the drive!


The space: An open camping space with a barbed wire and bush fence but not completely enclosed. There are gaps in the property line so if your dog is not used to being off leash we suggest keeping them by your side. Dogs are allowed to roam the property and within tents and the dining hall. At night there may be some wild visitors so keep your dogs in view at all times. On weekends you will have other families and dogs nearby but on weekdays you mostly will have the place to yourself! Alcohol and smoking is allowed but be mindful of the forest and others when having fun. No loud music is allowed post 10pm.

Type of stay:

Camping in pitched tents either on the ground or in a raised tent with a private balcony.

Recommendation: We suggest the raised tents as they have a pretty sit out, are sheltered from rain and wind, have plug points available and have more space for your pet to chill outside!


Ground Tents: They are two person tents on the ground. It can sleep two people and one dog. There are two washrooms for the tents and make sure you book these tents in sunny weather as they do not have a roof! Your dogs stay inside with you so keep their size in mind when booking. There are common plug points available at the dining hall and raised tents where you can charge your devices. Carry torches as there are no lights inside these tents!

Raised Tents: These are big tents pitched on a platform that is roofed. It will comfortably sleep two people and one dog but may be a bit tiny for two people and two large breed dogs! The property provides ground mats, two pillows and a thin mattress for you. The sit out area or balcony can host your dogs beds and bowls and give them space to sit outside and enjoy the view inside an enclosed space. There are plug points in the sit out area and you can still sit outside in the shaded balcony if it starts to drizzle.

Washrooms: There are 4 washrooms on the property. Two for men and two for women. There are two big sinks with mirrors for each washroom. If you go at a crowded time you will have to share the washrooms but on weekdays you usually have the place to yourself. The washrooms are clean and have open air showers but remember to carry all your toiletries and towels! Post sundown there are bugs that pay a visit but if you carry on with your business so will they! They have geysers for hot water!

REMEMBER: Carry torches & odomos, wear shoes and bring your own bed sheet and blankets! Carry your dog beds if they are not comfortable on a floor mat.

Facilities: The property has a dining area where meals are served, and outside picnic benches and hammocks where you can enjoy your meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner along with snacks and tea are provided. The food is great and prepared fresh and steaming hot! You can order tea, coffee and soup to your tent as well to enjoy in the evening. You can request eggs or plain rice for dogs.

Water filters are available for refilling your bottles. During Stepevoli's stay the caretaker Sandeep was always available, very hospitable and loved our dogs. He is also the guide for any treks you want to do. Koushik is your host and also has a residence within the property and will be available to answer any questions.

Carry life jackets, swimming equipment, paddles and beach balls to have a great time in the water!


The lake: A beautiful large lake with a serene backdrop of mountains is just a 15 min walk from the property. You can swim and play in the water as long as you are a good swimmer. There are no natural dangers in the lake, for you or your dogs and you can freely enjoy the water as long as you follow safety guidelines.

Sunrise trek: A 10 min drive to walking trail at 5:45am will take you up to the sunrise point. It is a 20-25 min walk up a steady sloped rock. It is not a difficult trek for kids or for dogs and you can stop at any point and come back down. The view from the top is amazing 360 degrees as you see the valley enclosed by mountains. Sandeep will take you up and also carries some hot tea and biscuits for you to enjoy watching the sunrise!

Sanctuary drive: You can drive to the sanctuary and book a safari but advance notice will have to be given.

Lake activities: For paddling, water sports or equipment prior booking and extra charges apply to book an instructor for you.

Trekking and walking: Several long, off road walks for you and your pet from the property so perfect for travelers looking to get some exercise in!

Pet activities: Your pet is welcome to join you on all activities and can be off leash even during treks only if they are trained to be. We suggest keeping your dog leashed if they are not used to being outdoors with nature.