Yes! Cats have breeds!

Yes! Cats have breeds!

Want to adopt a cat or find one you have decided to take in? Read all about the breed you are dealing with which might give you more insights on how to choose one or manage a cat at home. Unfortunately, even today some people believe cats bring bad luck. But the truth is cats do not bring bad luck, it's purely a “superstition”. Cats are extremely good pets. Most cat breeds are affectionate, self-entertained and good companions.

Cats can pretty much take care of all their needs, It’s not needed to take them walking every day. Most cats can live up to 20 years if taken care of properly. Moreover, they are quiet creatures in comparison to dogs, they do not smell, require low maintenance, and in fact, they clean themselves up.

Here are some of the cats found in India and their temperaments! 

Bombay Cats: These unique cats make for ideal pets. They look quite similar to a miniature black panther. They have captivating, striking golden eyes and short and shiny black hair. They have a muscular build with a round head which is slender on the sides.These cats shed less as they have short coats, they can be trained. and they love to be in warm places.

  •  Temperament- Loves to play and learn tricks. They are friendly and easily adapt to different environments and lifestyles. Their calm demeanour makes it an ideal pet for small apartments too. They are smart cats, and can also be trained to walk on a leash.

Himalayan Cats: Also known by names such as Himmmie and Colourpoint Persian. Himalayan cats have a light coloured body with different colour points and blue eyes, dark ears and tail. These cats have long hair which sheds from time to time. It is recommended that you groom them regularly to avoid shedding and to maintain their beautiful appearance. Himalayan cats are a result of breeding Siamese and Persian cats.

  • Temperament- A  loving and loyal cat that yearns for human companionship. This breed isn’t very active or athletic and loves to lounge on its owner’s lap. They are quiet and gentle, and they can be reserved when guests are around. These cats love silent environments with little changes from day-to-day. They don’t jump around shelves and they are generally happy on the floor and playing with toys. 

Siamese Cats: If you wish for an all-day companion, a Siamese cat can be perfect for you. This breed is also the cheapest to buy in the market. They have a medium build, long slender legs, triangular ears, bright blue eyes, oval paws, and a long tail. They have an athletic body perfect for climbing and jumping. Siamese cats are light-coloured and love a lot of attention! They need lots of toys as they are highly energetic. If you are not a person who can spend time with your pet cat then don’t adopt them. 

  • Temperament - Siamese can be extremely curious, smart, and demanding. They desire a great deal of attention. They can “talk” for hours, expressing an opinion on everything. These cats are highly intelligent, playful and talkative, and will follow you around the house and monitor you most of the time.If you want a talkative “Feline Buddy” then these cats are for you. It's interesting that their colour can change based on external temperature.

Persian Cats: The glamorous breed of cats with a long white mane and deep set twinkling coloured  eyes. Persian cats are suitable for small apartments and are mostly independent. They, however, don’t like being disturbed often. These cats shed lots of hair so if you are considering one make sure you are ready. Groom your cat’s hair regularly to maintain their appearance and keep out ticks or fleas. They are quiet and like their space.

  • Temperament - These cats are laid back and lazy. They are most happy when alone and relaxing. However, they are prone to biting which they consider as play. If you have children it is wise to inform them not to disturb your cat often as Persian cats get annoyed. If treated properly they will love you and hang next to you all day.

Maine Coon: One of the oldest and cutest  breeds of cats on earth that can adjust to any climatic conditions. Maine Coons are one of the biggest domestic cat breeds in the world. These cats are affectionate, playful, friendly and most importantly good hunters. They come in different colours and patterns. They are quiet cats and they love to play in water. These cats need regular grooming for their long fur. Their distinctive physical traits include a large body with a thick, shaggy coat and big paws. 

These cats are good hunters and get rid of rodents in your home hence becoming very popular in India 

  • Temperament - They are well-behaved, outgoing and friendly. Maine Coon cats are fond of human company and like following you around. They are lap cats and have good hunting skills. Maine Coons love learning tricks and performing them. You can teach them to fetch. These cats have a non-fussy and adaptive character. Therefore, they are suitable cats for a house with children.

Spotted Cats or Indian Billi: The essential Indian Billi is the most common breed found in India and adjusts well to the Indian climatic conditions. It has a long tail that is darker than its body. It's fur is covered in grey spots. Our native Indian cats are the best cat breeds to have. If you are considering adopting cats then you should definitely look into Indian Bill as they are available everywhere in India.

Indian Billi has a short coat so you don’t need to worry about them shedding hair. Generally, they are very clean and they clean themselves often. They are mostly quiet and love to climb walls. You can easily spot this cat roaming in your neighborhood alleys

  • Temperament- They are affectionate, friendly and gentle. A loving cat that will always be by your side.They are playful and independent and don’t require much attention. They entertain themselves and play with toys. If you have anything that is valuable on shelves then keep them safe from this naughty cat.

American Bobtails: American Bobtails are quieter than other cat breeds and are good with children; the reason why they are becoming popular in India. They are known for their distinctive tails that are natural. They are medium to large in size which come in different colours and patterns. They are muscular and heavy cats. These cats come in two different coat types: short hair and long hair and adjust well in any environmental setting. 

  • Temperament- These cats are smart, affectionate and friendly. They love to learn tricks and if trained they can even walk on a leash. They even love puzzle toys and playing fetch. American Bobtails can adapt to different places making it easy for you to take them with you when travelling. They also love guests and company! 

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