Tips On Cat Care

Tips On Cat Care

Planning to get a cat? This can be one of the best decisions for you and your family. One thing to keep in mind is that not all cats are the same - there are indoor cats and there are outdoor cats. Knowing that distinction is not only important from a lifestyle point of view, but also for keeping your cat happy and cheerful. Here are a few tips that can help you plan your cat’s arrival.

Food Basics 

Cats are what they eat, and their eating regimen influences their vision, skin, bones, and general wellbeing. Meat is a fundamental piece of a cat’s eating regimen, but you need to check with the vet if your cat needs any supplements. Generally, cats like food with a fragrance and if you are serving wet food then it’s recommended to serve it at room temperature. 

Naming Your Cat

People keep funny names for their pets and some are downright strange. Some cat owners suggest that cats react best to names that end with the ‘ee’ sound and utilize a sharp voice. If you are unsure of what name to keep then don’t rush in. Watch your cat for a couple of days and let a name come to you naturally. Try not to give a name that you will hate after some time, or something that is too complicated. 

Litter Training 

Litter training for your cat isn’t troublesome, but requires persistence and consideration. Cats naturally prefer to keep tidy and conceal their crap. For training, try to put your cat in the crate immediately after it eats, and change the litter after each utilization. Continue doing this until your cat gets used to the smell and the location of the litter box. If your cat disregards the litter box, consult your veterinarian. 

Bring Your Family Onboard

Before you decide to bring a cat home, make sure that everybody is onboard with doing their bit to raise the pet. Do not assume that a kid in the family will be able to single handedly take care of the cat. One of the things to consider would be to decide which family member will handle what role, and then check with other cat owners to take their advice.


Keep a regular routine of grooming your cat. It not only helps make your cat look pretty, but also helps in avoiding cats eating their own dead hair while self-grooming. When grooming your cat, pay close attention to any bodily changes such as lumps, discoloration etc, and if anything seems suspicious then show a veterinarian.


Just like any other living being, a regular exercising regime is a must for a healthy lifestyle. Take time out daily to play with your cat. This can be as simple as catching laser lights, to playing with a feathered toy. 

We hope these tips will help you plan the next phase of your life with a cat better. If you think we have missed any tip then do mention in the comments section.


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