Featuring Rosie The Indian Streetie from a Children’s Book!

Featuring Rosie The Indian Streetie from a Children’s Book!

Lalitha Banerjee is the author of a newly launched children's book based in Bangalore called "The Amazing Adventures of Rosie the Streetie." This book stands out because it showcases relatable locations for children growing up in India and features a streetie that children typically encounter in their surroundings. The book emphasizes the animal-human bond along with universal values like love, empathy, and kindness towards animals in need. Children will thoroughly enjoy joining Rosie the Streetie and her human bestie, Laila, on numerous adventures. Now, let's hear from the author herself. 


Can you tell us about yourself?

I'm Lalitha, a 46 year old dog-mom and animal lover who moved to Bangalore about 20 years ago. My dog Julie, an Indie streetie, is 16 years old. 

I'm a career professional and spent almost 22 years working non-stop in strategy, planning, and transformation in Professional Services, Big 4, and Technology in the United States, Germany, and India. In late 2022, I decided to pursue some endeavors close to my heart, one of which was to fulfill my aspiration of writing children's books. I had nurtured the dream of writing a children's book for about a decade! There's something incredibly exciting and fulfilling about bringing a children's book into the world! In 2018, I started writing this book and the stories remained untouched until 2022 when I finally took the initiative to shape them into a book. 

Having my first children's book published in April 2023 has been a dream come true, and I must express my gratitude to The Write Order, my publishing partner, for helping me realize this dream. 


Why did you choose to write about a streetie?

As an animal lover and a devoted enthusiast of street dogs, it felt natural to write about a streetie. It's an extension of what I deeply understand and appreciate—the deep bond shared between an animal and a human. In my case, I've had dogs since I was 2 years old, including breed and shelter dogs. My exposure to the wonderful world of street dogs began when I was 30 when I welcomed my first streetie, Rosie, into my life. I named her Rosie because she had a penchant for sniffing flowers! (Rosie has now crossed the rainbow bridge.) Around ten years ago, my second streetie, Julie, entered my life. She had been living on the streets, and as I began to feed her, we formed a strong bond. Her integration into my home and life was effortless and organic. I'm not sure if I adopted her or if she adopted me! Julie is the light of my life and exudes a youthful energy. She has an undeniable charisma and presence. If she were human, I believe she would have been a CEO or a world leader! In addition to Julie and Rosie, who have been part of my home, I help take care of streeties in my locality and actively engage in local animal welfare efforts. Interacting with streeties brings me immense joy, happiness, and a sense of purpose. 


Why did you choose the title 'The Amazing Adventures of Rosie the Streetie' for your book?

I named the book in honor of my first streetie, Rosie, as a tribute to all that she meant to me. 


What is your book about?

This chapter book recounts the adventures of Rosie, an Indie streetie, and her human best friend, Laila. Together, they solve mysteries, embark on girls' trips, rehabilitate injured animals, collaborate with the local community on issues such as nature and animal welfare, and much more! Through their escapades, this dynamic female duo imparts valuable lessons on love, compassion, empathy, and kindness to the world. 

Rosie and Laila possess an inherent sweetness, curiosity, and a genuine desire to help others. They support and love each other unconditionally and consistently show up for one another. Developing a bond like the one between Rosie and Laila would be a blessing for all of us. My hope is that children will be inspired by this duo and their experiences, leading them to do good and show kindness to both animals and humans alike. 

There you have it! I hope you've caught a glimpse into both Lalitha's and Rosie's lives. If you're interested in learning more about them, you can find them on Instagram or purchase the book on Amazon.


INSTAGRAM: @rosiethestreetie

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9358128992?ref=myi_title_dp 


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