Doga: Yoga With Dogs

Doga: Yoga With Dogs

Yoga has been scientifically proven to be a great help in both mental and physical health. Through the work of breathing exercises, meditation, strength, and stretching exercises yoga stimulates both mind and body. Studies have shown that those who participate in yoga have reduced depression, pain, and have even resolved issues in dealing with addiction.

There are numerous types of activities accessible to us today, and a lot of people go for exercises like yoga since it can cover a wide range of intensity levels and is possible to do in a recreational center or at home. 

Regardless of the time you spend on yoga, even if you just practice for about 20 minutes every day, the health advantages are huge. You don't need to be in a specific shape or size to do yoga. Truth be told, you could even be a canine! 

Pooches are extremely instinctive creatures. They are effectively mindful of our passionate state and can detect tension and stress. This all comes down to the way we inhale and how this affects our canine's focal sensory system. 

Now let’s talk about doga. Doga is dog yoga.

Doga is the newest trend that mixes yoga and your dog. It’s a great way for you and your pup to get some exercise and it’s twice the fun when doing it together with your pet. 

There are 4 main reasons to do yoga with your beloved pet.

1. Allows pet/human bonding

All dog lovers know that it can take some time to create that special bond with your pet. Yoga helps with that bonding process by showing your new pet that you are always going to be right there with them. It also teaches trust when it comes to assisting your pet with certain poses.

2. Physical health

Doga is a form of exercise which is beneficial for your and your dog’s health. If you have a dog that is a bit overweight, doga is a great way to help your dog get back in shape and drop some of those extra kilos. It can also be a great way to do physical therapy (depending on the injury). Doga can help with ACL injuries and also with arthritis in older dogs.

3. Relaxation

Breathing and relaxation is one of the main pillars for any yoga (or doga). It has been proven to help calm hyperactive dogs. It also helps relieve stress with dogs that are high-strung.

4. Entertainment

Yoga is always a fun activity all on its own and when you throw a dog into the mix, it just doubles the fun. When you are a dog lover, doing things with your sweet little pooch makes life better in general. Most people love yoga but it gets boring when they spend an hour alone. Practicing yoga with just letting your dogs in the room can trigger them to mimic your yoga moves.

When rehearsing doga, keep in mind that your pets can't reveal to you when they've had enough. Don’t force them and let them take this new activity similar to their play time, just how they like chewing a toy. If you are uncertain whether doga is good for your pooch, counsel your veterinarian.

Doga may sound somewhat entertaining from the outset, yet it's actually an incredible movement to attempt with your pet. If you are searching for something new and different to do with your pet, give doga a chance! The advantages are huge for both you and your pet. You can also search for a studio close to you and check whether you can participate in a class.

We wish you a great time doing yoga with your pet!


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