5 Things Your Pet Is Really Thinking

5 Things Your Pet Is Really Thinking

There’s nothing quite like having a pet in our lives. Sometimes they’re better than people. Okay, we concede, they are much better than people. They don’t talk back to you, they don’t tell you what’s on their mind, they don’t create unnecessary drama. They just sit there and do pet things and all they ask for in return is you clean up their droppings every once in a while. They cuddle up to us when we are cold, sit on our laps when we are sad, and no matter what we do, they’re always ready to party. There’s plenty of benefits of pet ownership too. They help with our physical and mental health, they make us happy, and having one gives us plenty of social media content. Who doesn’t love posting pictures of their cat or dog on Facebook or Twitter for likes? Pets can propel us to instant popularity if done right. However, just because our pets can’t speak, doesn’t mean they don’t think things. They might not always be positive too, but they hide it behind a slobbering smile or cute purring that we don’t think they’re judging our lives. Let’s take a look at 5 things your pet is REALLY thinking.

1. Stop Talking To Me In A Baby Voice

Pets are probably wondering why you talk to other humans in a normal voice, but you talk to them in a higher pitch voice as if you’re talking to a child. If they could talk, they would tell you to talk to them as you would any other person. Just because they’re smaller and have fur doesn’t mean they’re babies. They might be your fur babies, but if they could talk, they would probably demand a little respect.

2. Why Do You Keep Throwing The Ball Away?

Pets are doing their best. When you lose something, they will do their best to find it. If they could talk, they would question why you’re purposely throwing the toy as far as you can. They’re working their butts off to get it for you, but you keep throwing it away. They’re probably wondering if you’re broken or something. Since they can’t tell you to hold on to the toy, they have to keep running to it, grabbing it, and bringing it back to you hoping you get the point.

3. Why Aren’t You Saving The Other Human In The Box?

Humans sit around watching television all day. There’s movies and television shows where people are fighting or killing each other. Our pets love to cuddle up with us at the end of the day while we’re watching our television. They look up at us as we’re petting their bellies wondering why you’re doing nothing to save the person trapped in the television box. That’s probably why cats walk up to the television sets. You know how much they love boxes. They’re just looking for their way in.

4. How Can You Bathe Every Day?

Some pets are hard to bathe. You watch these YouTube videos or social media posts of their cat or dog lovingly taking a bath while you’re sitting there in a mess of claw marks. They’re probably wondering what you’re doing every day at the end of the day in the bathroom. How can my human do that voluntarily by himself? Don’t they know water is evil?

5. How Come You’re Allowed On The Couch?

Some people allow their pets on the couch, but those are the people who have a couch that’s already shredded to pieces or ones they don’t really care about. Others care about their couches so much they wrap them in plastic. Those are really annoying to sit on during a hot day. Your pets are probably wondering why you’re allowed on the couch and they’re not. They probably do it when you’re asleep just to spite you. 

Our pets love us, and we love them. However, let’s be glad we can’t read their minds. 


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